the possibility of wonder

A four part online course giving you the tools to access wonder in your world


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step one - Rituals for creativity

Master powerful, practical, playful ways to connect with your imagination, your creativity and your curiosity – and learn how to let the kids in your life teach you the advanced class.

step two - rituals for self care

Transform your daily routines into nourishing rituals with simple practises for reflection, reconnection and restoration of mind, body and spirit - and master the art of making your very own magical moments.

step three - rituals for work

Create your very own toolbox of rituals to  kickstart your productivity, tackle your to do list and trigger flow states at will - and take a step on your path towards living your purpose.

step four - rituals for your world

Become part of a good vibes tribe spreading love, joy and magical mischief in your community and beyond, through random covert acts kindness and beauty - and connect with like minded magic makers helping change the world.

All classes will be live, interactive and packed with practical tools as well as brand new ideas to help you to create meaningful, magical moments in your life, work and play.

dates, costs and sign up details

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"Working with Tiu is a breath of fresh air.

Her ability to tune in and create magic on a practical level is profound. She uses the beautiful magnifying glass of wonder as the perfect tonic to keep her sessions light and yet meaningful.

I highly recommend."