four short films to kickstart your creativity and turn work into play

Video 1 - Creativity 101  

What is creativity and why is it important? It's how we spark our best ideas, turn work into play and stay present, playful and curious. Plus the good news is you have had years of training - called childhood.

Video 2 - Creativity Exercise - Take yourself for a Mini Adventure

In this video, learn how to transform your next walk into a bite sized blast of inspiration and find all the ideas you need - right outside your front door.

Video 3 - Creative Culture in the Workplace

Companies who foster a creative culture have the edge over the competition. Ideation, innovation and creativity all go hand in hand.

Video 4 - Creativity in Your Life and Work
This video is all about how to make creativity a part of your day to day reality, today, right now, as opposed to putting it off until the day you can finally sit down to write that novel.


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"Brilliant. And fantastic presentation." 

Carole Hussell, BBC TV