I facilitate creative transformation

I work with people and companies in transition, helping them to cross over a threshold into a new chapter.

From letting go of what no longer fits to exploring a brand new future, I create bespoke experiences, rituals, workshops and mini-adventures that allow individuals and organisations to embrace profound change.


"Tiu is a uniquely talented, well resourced and spookily intuitive facilitator, armed with a fascinating tool kit of creative self development processes, that are playful, provocative and profound. It is fun working with Tiu. It feels naturally creative and I always finish a session with a fresh perspective.

I haven’t seen underpants over trousers, or a cape, but I have a sneaking suspicion Tiu is some sort of super hero. If I’m honest, I don’t know what she does, but I trust her. It works and the whole exchange is held with a deft mix of playful inquiry, lateral thinking and gentle reverence."

Chris Redmond, Writer, Performer and Founder ofTongue Fu



Whether on a one to one adventure into wonder or a group workshop exploring your creativity, all the experiences I offer take place in beautiful, unusual and magical settings.


my houseboat

I live on a beautiful houseboat right in the centre of London, where I see clients. It feels like being on retreat, even while in the heart of the city.


the forest

The workshops I run, as well as some of my one to one sessions, take place in magical, ancient forests, giving us a much needed break from the hectic city pace. 

doorinwall copy.jpg

urban adventures

I take people into the city streets to explore new ways to see the world around them, finding the magic in the mundane in all sorts of unexpected places.