creative thinking & playful training

I have been leading people on immersive, powerful, playful creativity workshops for 14 years and
have offered hundreds of individuals and several organisations new ways to see their world.

Bringing together a wealth of experience in creativity training, play techniques and personal development,
my facilitation style is warm, engaging, professional and relaxed, with bespoke training available to cover
everything from exploring creative ways to communicate with imagination, passion and clarity to
inspiring random acts of kindness within your organisation or community.

Clients include…


Example workshops

Tiu de Haan_workshops_flow states

Triggering Flow States

A toolbox of techniques to supercharge creativity, focus and collaboration

When we access a flow state, we are utterly absorbed, focussed and creatively inspired.
This one day workshop gives you practical tools for triggering productive flow states through a variety of techniques, exploring ways to eliminate procrastination and dissolve creative blocks. Once you know how to create the conditions for flow to happen, you can adapt the tools for all your projects and to begin to cultivate a life where you simply have more moments of being utterly present, unexpectedly inspired and connected to your innate creativity, ultimately transforming work into something that feels more like play. 

A two hour taster session is also available.


Tiu de Haan_workshops_ritual at work

Ritual at Work

A masterclass in the creation of 21st century rituals for work

Does your work life feel like one constant stream of demands with no pause for reflection, emotion, transition and celebration? Or perhaps your company is in transition – entering a new market, shifting to different leadership, restructuring the organisation – and you need a focus for the shift to a new chapter? Whether it’s a ritual to welcome a team member, to launch a product, to mourn the death of a start up or reflect on the end of a project, the world of work benefits from rituals just as much as the more familiar transitions of love, birth and death. The creation of a toolkit for secular ritual provides the structure, the community focus and the imaginative punctuation we all need to work at our best. Whether you work alone or in a team, this workshop will teach you how to use ritual in the workplace for satisfying completions and inspiring new beginnings.

Tiu de Haan_workshops_portal walk


Reconnect with your imagination, the natural world & the power of story

A half day workshop in a natural setting, learning and practising an ancient technique that allows us to fire up our innate imagination, our connection with nature, as well as explore the power of storytelling, both for yourself and others. This is a simple, powerful, yet playful way of connecting deeply with ourselves and each other, as well as a practical tool for active meditation, meaning making and profound communication.


 Writing Club –

Creative writing tools to shift perspectives & tell new stories

A 2 hour session to get creative, think in new ways and bring fresh energy, perspective and imagination to your writing, including bringing a new lens to a current client as well as tools to unpack meaning making and metaphor.

It can also become a regular peer mentoring group to explore and support each other in trying out new experiments in our written work

You are loved hedge Pronoia.jpg

Pronoia Project

An urban adventure of random acts of kindness and covert beauty

A 2.5 hour workshop where we learn how to interact with the city as a source of connection, playfulness, sensory delight and creative possibilities. We explore the idea of seeing our world and our challenges through the lens of “pronoia” where everything can be interpreted as a blessing in disguise, and then go out on the streets to engage in joyful acts of beautiful intervention, learning practical, playful tools to transform our world through the deliberate spreading of joy and delight.


“Moving, enlightening, impactful”

Max St John, Founder, Wild Things