the possibility of wonder

the 21 day game

make it fun

& get it done

This is a 21 day game all about taking playful, simple steps towards a goal

  • Do you have an idea that’s been whispering to you but which hasn’t yet been given the time, space and energy to bring it into the world?

  • Are you longing to be more playful in your work, your home and with your loved ones, but find yourself overwhelmed by the stresses of life, work and family?

  • Do you have too much to do and not enough time?

  • Would you like to try an experiment to take simple steps to make something wonderful happen?

If you would you like to make your to do list more magical, meaningful and fun, you’re in the right place.

I have distilled over 14 years of experience into 21 steps to give you a practical, powerful and playful toolkit to have more fun AND get things done.

Note: This game will last 21 days, beginning with day zero to prepare you for what lies ahead. Along the way, you will receive daily ideas, updates and inspiration to get you going where you want to go - one step at a time.

what you get

  • 21 days of playful prompts and happy hacks, distilled from over 14 years teaching 1000s of people to play

  • My very own hand drawn 21 day game for you to print out and colour in as you go

  • All sorts of exercises, tips and recommendations to keep you inspired and motivated along the way

  • Membership in private Facebook group for course participants


  • VERY LIMITED OFFER: free audiobook of a brilliant bestseller all about how to gamify EVERYTHING you do.


Sign up today and you will receive your very own digital download with full joining instructions AND your very own hand drawn printable 21 day game for you to keep.


how it works

The game consists of 21 days of simple, playful, easy steps to inspire and motivate you, as you step closer to your goal.

Pick a project

You might want to start writing that novel that’s been in your head for years.

Or maybe it’s time to finally get around to clearing out the attic and painting it a fresh, happy colour.

Maybe you would like to have the creative challenge of take a photo every day.

Or perhaps it’s about getting a sketchbook and filling it with pictures and drawings.

You might want to try a new recipe each day and explore new flavours, methods and meals.

Or who knows - maybe this is the moment that you finally birth that business and write a business plan.

It’s up to you

You decide what you want to focus on for the 21 days of the game.

Make it easy or hard, big or small.

Whatever you choose, it’ll look a whole lot different if you devote a little time and energy to it each day for 21 days.

Each day, you can log in and get inspirational ideas to keep you on track as you make your way towards the finish line.

it is all shared in a closed Facebook group

As you go, you’re not traveling alone. As part of the purchase, you will be given access to the closed Facebook group, where you can connect with other like minded people on the same adventure, sharing your progress as you all explore your own unique ways of playing full out.

why it works

When we approach things with a playful spirit, we get more done - and we have fun along the way.

When we commit - out loud or in writing - to a goal, we are much more likely to achieve it.

And when we have allies, champions and playmates along the way, we are all the MORE likely to succeed in our goals.


Come and play.

This is going to be fun.

and you’re going to get it done.