Talks from the heart

I specialise in inspirational talks on the themes that unite us, rather than divide us, like love, death, ritual and wonder. I have recently given talks at Google Campus, Sunday Assembly, Shambala Festival and the International Day of Happiness. My TEDx talk, which has had over 15k views, gives a flavour of how I communicate – which is always from the heart.



Talk Series


The Possibility of Wonder

How do we awaken our innate capacity to experience wonder, long after childhood is over? This talk explores different experiences, attitudes and approaches to wonder, drawing on play theory and immersive theatre to the work of the quantum physicists with whom I collaborate. It includes ideas for a number of rituals that shift our perspective so that we remember the experience of wonder for ourselves, giving us the tools to break up the rigidity with which we see the world and turn the everyday into an adventure…

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How to Create 21st Century Rituals

My work as a non denominational celebrant has led me to learn about the need for ritual in all aspects of our life – and death – and through my experiences working with a wide variety of people, needing to honour all sorts of moments in their lives, I have learned the art of creating secular rituals for our times. Whether it’s a funeral for a bad idea, an organisation in transition, a ceremony to celebrate self esteem or a love story that deserves a fresh start, this talk explores the creation of brand new rituals as a way to bring meaningful moments into our busy, secular lives.

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Mindfulness + Meaning = Magical Moments

Mindfulness is suddenly everywhere, informing new approaches to wellbeing and stress in school and the workplace. It brings us into the present, exactly as it is, which is a profoundly powerful skill to master. However, if we bring a little of our creative imagination into the space created by a mindfulness practise, we can add an extra layer of creativity and unique meaning to our experience, leaving us with a toolkit for accessing the magic in the most mundane of moments.  

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Rituals for New Beginnings

A talk on ways to celebrate new beginnings, from starting a creative project to turning a new house into a new home. We explore the need for a ritual to really kickstart a new idea and how the great artists and writers made space and time for their creations to be born. We learn about rituals for babies, from non material baby showers to how to welcome a child to the world with all their family blessing their arrival. We also engage in a ritual that weaves together the whole community in supporting each other in all our new endeavours in a lovely yet simple way.

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How to Celebrate life and death

The final taboo. Death can break us open, reconnect us to what really matters to us all and teach us to make the most of our lives. As a funeral celebrant, I work with families to create bespoke celebrations of life and death, in the spirit of the person at the centre of the ceremony, with a creative process allowing for greater openness, individuation and complexity. In this talk, I share stories from my time training with a green undertaker as well sharing both ancient and modern ways to make powerful rituals that allow us to honour our memories of the loved ones who have died – and celebrate the time we have left with all the more joy, appreciation and awareness.