the possibility of wonder

A four part online course giving you the tools to access wonder in your world

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step two - rituals for self care

A full recording of the class along with all supporting materials.

  • 90 minute masterclass on rituals for self care
  • Learn simple practises for reflection, reconnection and restoration
  • Take away techniques to transform your daily routines into nourishing rituals
  • Explore rituals for mind, body and spirit that bring us into the present
  • Master the art of making your very own magical moments
  • Discover how to make use of what you have and where you are – no need for spa days and expensive treats
  • Meaningful meals - learn how to transform your food into a source of connection

the full journey

  • Learn how to bring wonder into your creativity, your self care, your work and your world
  • 6 hours of all my best content, distilled from teaching 1000s of people over 13 years
  • Opportunity for live coaching/Q&A with me
  • Full video recording of each class any time you want a refresher
  • Option of additional audio recording of each class if you prefer podcasts
  • 2 free guided meditations you can use to dissolve creative blocks and access your inspiration
  • Supporting documents for each class including exercises, tips and recommendations
  • My bespoke professional toolkit for ritual design of all kinds
  • Membership in private Facebook group for participants on the live classes
  • Free 15 minute session with me at a time that works for you
  • 20% off if you book for the whole course - you pay just £100, or £30 per individual class

All classes will be live, interactive and packed with practical tools as well as brand new ideas to help you to create meaningful, magical moments in your life, work and play. 

£30 for a single class

£100 for all four

A recording of each class will be made available to those who have purchased tickets after the event is over.




"Working with Tiu is a breath of fresh air.

Her ability to tune in and create magic on a practical level is profound. She uses the beautiful magnifying glass of wonder as the perfect tonic to keep her sessions light and yet meaningful.

I highly recommend."