the possibility of wonder

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How to make moments of meaning -

the art of rituals for everyday life

This course offers you a brand new way to create your life, moment by moment.

You will learn how to create simple, soulful and supercharged rituals that have the potential to transform all areas of your everyday life, from how you work, rest and play to how you can help change the world.

  • Are you longing to live a life of meaning, connection, purpose and joy, but find yourself overwhelmed by the stresses of life, work and family?

  • Do you find yourself staring at screens, with too much to do, yet no clear, effective and empowering way to make space and time for the things that really matter to you?

  • Do you have a creative idea that’s been whispering to you but which hasn’t yet been given the time, space and energy to bring it into the world?

  • Are you exhausted to the bone but, try as you might, you just can’t find a way to truly take care of yourself and surrender to truly delicious, nourishing rest?

  • Would you love to have brand new ways to energise your career, ignite your sense of purpose, create meaning in your work and master the art of turning procrastination into productivity?

  • In a world where so many of us feel isolated and alone, would you love to connect to your family, your friends, your community - forging real life bonds that sustain us all and make the world a better, brighter place?

If you would you like to unblock your creativity, discover your purpose, nourish yourself body and soul and learn brand new ways of making meaningful connections with the people in your world, you’re in the right place.

I have distilled over 14 years of experience into 6 jam packed hours to give you the most practical, powerful and playful toolkit I have ever created.

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what you get

  • 6 hours of all my best content, distilled from teaching 1000s of people over 14 years

  • Full video recording of each class any time you want a refresher

  • 4 beautiful supporting documents including exercises, tips and recommendations

  • Membership in private Facebook group for course participants


  • My very own professional toolkit for ritual design of all kinds

  • 2 powerful guided meditations you can use to dissolve creative blocks and access your inspiration

  • your very own one to one 15 minute session with me at a time that works for you

  • VERY LIMITED OFFER: free audiobook of a bestseller from the reading list

how it works

The course consists of four 90 minute masterclasses that will take you on a journey through all areas of your life.

Each video has an accompanying PDF full of all the exercises, reading lists and inspirational ideas to keep you on track as you make your way into wonder.

As you go, you’re not traveling alone. As part of the purchase, you will be given access to the closed Facebook group, where you can connect with other like minded people on the same adventure, sharing your progress as you all explore your own unique ways of making magic in the mundane.

And, whenever you’re ready, you can book a 15 minute one to one session with me at a time that suits you.

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step one - Rituals for creativity

The first step is all about remembering how to play - and how to get your creative energy flowing in full force.

If you have ever wondered how the artists of the ages find inspiration, get into flow and dissolve creative blocks, this 90 minute masterclass will give you all the practises you will ever need to write that novel, record that song, make that movie or pick up that paintbrush.

All that plus two seriously powerful guided meditations to use any time you need help getting back on track.

Here’s what you get:

  • Powerful, practical, playful ways to get more creative in your daily life

  • How to design your own ritual to access your innate creativity

  • Explore the creation of moments of meaning and magic within the mundane

  • New techniques to supercharge your imagination and activate your artistic curiosity

  • Find out how artists through the ages have created rituals to invite inspiration

  • How to let the kids in your life teach you the advanced class

step two - rituals for self care

The second step is about taking care of ourselves - so that we have the space, energy and time to care of others.

If you would like to create new ways to really rest, recover and recharge your batteries, this 90 minute masterclass on rituals for self care will give you all the tools you need.

And it’s not about having a glass of wine in the bathtub - although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. This is about learning how to tune into your rhythms, your emotions and listen to your body’s natural ability to guide you towards deep rest and vibrant health.

This class will ensure you:

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  • Learn simple practises for reflection, reconnection and restoration

  • Take away techniques to transform your daily routines into nourishing rituals

  • Explore rituals for mind, body and spirit that bring us into the present

  • Master the art of making your very own magical moments

  • Discover how to make use of what you have and where you are – no need for spa days and expensive treats

  • Meaningful meals - learn how to transform your food into a source of connection

step three - rituals for work

The third step is about the work we do in the world and connecting with what lights us up, so that we have the power to bring our brilliance into our day to day lives.

Drawing on my many years of running my own non-profit, as well as my work with world leading organisations including the UN and Google, this 90 minute masterclass is a treasure trove of practical, powerful practises that will help you to find your purpose, connect with your team and bring magic and meaning into all that you do.

Do the exercises in this class and you will:

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  • Create your very own toolbox of rituals to complete the old and celebrate the new

  • Learn brand new ways to bring moments of meaning to your to do list

  • Map a sparkly your path towards an inspiring point on the horizon

  • Ritualise your skillsets - and learn how to step into your strong suits

  • Hear about the team ritual that makes collaboration feel like a murmuration

  • Discover how to use a vintage dress, a plastic duck beak and Zoltar himself (the fortune telling mannequin from the movie Big) to transform your productivity

  • Design a Viking funeral for an old idea, project or role that no longer serves you

step four - rituals for your world

The final step is taking all the creativity, clarity, playfulness and wisdom and turning the focus out into the world.

This class is a 90 minute masterclass full of magical suggestions for brand new ways of creating moments of meaning and experiences of wonder for the people who populate your life. It’s about giving back to others, from your closest companions to your widest circle. And - who knows - it might just make the world a better place.

As you go about the joyful business of taking wonder into the world, you will:

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  • Learn how you can spread love, joy and magical mischief in your community and beyond

  • Commit random acts kindness and covert acts of beauty - right in your own backyard

  • Connect with communities of like minded magic makers helping change the world

  • Explore the micro to the macro - how you can make a difference one tiny step at a time

  • Leave the course inspired, energised and revitalised, ready to walk into a more wonderful world



You can also do each of the steps as a single 90 minute masterclass.

Just choose one step from the four below and get started right away - or buy the complete course here:

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