A wedding is the one occasion where we all gather together to celebrate love - a community of family and friends encircling those at its centre with all their warmth, good wishes and hopes for their lasting happiness. 

I invite you to bring a new and fresh sense of liberation to this most cherished of rituals. To add in your own emotional needs and spiritual and non-spiritual beliefs, weaving all the elements together to create a brand new kind of wedding ceremony,  one that celebrates who you are and what you hope to become together, something bespoke and bold, meaningful and magical.


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Together, we can create a meaningful, magical and memorable ceremony
that honours your love,your journey and your combined beliefs.

There won’t be a dry eye in the house.  


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A powerful, personalised, exploratory session on board a beautiful houseboat in the heart of London

  • Explore the creative possibilities of a ceremony that is designed to fit you perfectly
  • Discover wonderful ways to include your family and friends in your love
  • Understand how to create your own meaningful moment, incorporating your beliefs and values
  • Begin to devise your unique vows that will bind your future lives together forever
  • Go away fizzing with new ideas and masses of inspiration

2 hours - £150


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An utterly bespoke hand-held creative process, designed to help you create the ceremony of your dreams, with one to one attention and expertise on all aspects of the creation of your ceremony, from the initial brainstorm to delivering your service.

Step one : The Plan

  • Support in uncovering the unique workings of your relationship – and how best to help it thrive for the rest of your days
  • Weaving your family and friends into your ceremony
  • Incorporation of specific wedding rituals from other cultures as well as the creation of brand new traditions just for you
  • Help with writing the most powerful, beautiful and personalised vows to best express your love and commitment
  • Recommendations of supporting services where needed, including florists, photographers, headdresses, musicians, magical unusual venues
  • All my gifts as a professional writer with a degree in English from Oxford devoted to the writing of your personal wedding service, yours to keep forever after


Step 2 : The Big Day

  • Early arrival to ensure the ceremonial space is ready, the players are all assembled and ready to take part and the right music is cued
  • On hand to calm any fears and reconnect you to the love at the centre of your day
  • Delivering your ceremony with all the love and intelligence in my power
  • Holding a space that fills the room with the powerful intention of your lifelong union coming into form before our very eyes
  • Offering my undivided attention, professionalism and care until the very last moment when you are ushered off into your future life together, bound by love
  • The written service which is sent the day after your wedding, so you can revisit every word and relive every moment while relaxing on your honeymoon

£1050 plus travel expenses 

Optional extra: A site visit to rehearse the ceremony right before the big day


"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your incredible work in creating
THE MOST MAGICAL CEREMONY we could ever have imagined.

You were an absolute dream to work with from start to finish, listening, guiding,
supporting and helping us to create the most memorable, beautiful service
that will stay in the hearts in everyone who attended."

Dalia & Neil