Gift voucher - Rituals for Work

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Gift voucher - Rituals for Work

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This is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to find their purpose, enhance their productivity and connect to work that lights them up.
In this 90 minute master class on rituals for work, you will:

  • Create your very own toolbox of rituals to complete the old and celebrate the new

  • Learn brand new ways to bring moments of meaning to your to do list

  • Map a sparkly your path towards an inspiring point on the horizon

  • Ritualise your skillsets - and learn how to step into your strong suits

  • Hear about the team ritual that makes collaboration feel like a murmuration

  • Discover how to use a vintage dress, a plastic duck beak and Zoltar himself (the fortune telling mannequin from the movie Big) to transform your productivity

  • Design a Viking funeral for an old idea, project or role that no longer serves you


  • A downloadable document with all the resources

  • Lifetime membership of the private Facebook course group for the recipient

  • A free 15 minute ONE TO ONE session with Tiu at a time that suits the recipient of the gift voucher

  • A printable gift voucher is also included for you to print out, fold and add your own personal message to the recipient so you can give this gift of wonder in a tangible form