Gift voucher - Rituals for Creativity

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Gift voucher - Rituals for Creativity

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This is a perfect gift for anyone who would love more creativity in their life, work and play time.

In this 90 minute master class on rituals for creativity you will learn:

  • Powerful, practical, playful ways to get more creative in your daily life

  • How to design your own ritual to access your innate creativity 

  • Explore the creation of moments of meaning and magic within the mundane

  • New techniques to supercharge your imagination and activate your artistic curiosity

  • Find out how artists through the ages have created rituals to invite inspiration 

  • How to let the kids in your life teach you the advanced class


  • Two unique guided meditations to kickstart your creativity any time you feel stuck


  • A downloadable document with all the resources

  • Lifetime membership of the private Facebook course group for the recipient

  • A free 15 minute ONE TO ONE session with Tiu at a time that suits the recipient of the gift voucher

  • A printable gift voucher is also included for you to print out, fold and add your own personal message to the recipient so you can give this gift of wonder in a tangible form