the four seasons

calibrate your inner compass,

celebrate YOUR journey

and create your BEST YEAR YET

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an online class for each season of 2019

This series of four seasonal online classes will help you to make this a year to remember - moment by moment, milestone by milestone and season by season

  • Do you find that, despite the best intentions, your New Year’s resolutions have been all but forgotten by Spring?

  • Would you love to find a simple, easy way to stick to your goals, recommit to what matters and live your whole year as an act of deliberate creation?

  • Do you sometimes forget to stop, notice and appreciate the micro moments of beauty and joy along the way?

  • Are you ready to explore new challenges - but feel overwhelmed by the idea of committing?

  • Do you want to go on a journey of a thousand miles - but you haven’t quite taken the first step?

  • Want a creative, reflective, regular quarterly practise that can keep you on track throughout the year - that you can do in your own time, in your own home, whenever you need a reboot?

Over the course of 2019, I am offering 4 unique 90 minute online classes to help you to reflect, release, recalibrate your compass to a light on the horizon that inspires you - while making time to create, connect to what counts and have fun along the way.

Complete the season that is coming to an end by taking a moment to pause, reflect and celebrate the journey you’ve taken over the course of the past three months - and consciously create very best outcome for the months ahead.

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what you get

  • 90 mins of unique content per season, filled with exercises, supportive ideas and some beautiful words to inspire you

  • An invitation to join in live including the chance for a Q&A with me and real time group sharing

  • A full recording of each class sent out within 24 hours of the live broadcast to watch any time you like

  • Beautiful supporting documents including all the exercises, tips and the poems for each season

  • Powerful tools, tips and techniques to clear out the old and create the new - in all areas of your life


  • VERY LIMITED OFFER: Your very own one to one 20 minute session with me at a time that works for you

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how it works

The course consists of four 90 minute masterclasses that will take you on a journey through THE SEASONS OF THE YEAR.

Each class happens live - if you want to join in - and it is also available as a password protected video, sent out within 24 hours, so if you want to do it at a time that suits you, you will get all the benefits - and do it at your own pace.

You will:

  • Reflect on the best - and release the worst - of the last 3 months

  • Welcome the new season with creativity, clarity and calm

  • Dream into what you want to experience, create, celebrate and cherish

  • Bring a bird’s eye view to the sparkly path ahead

  • Celebrate the wins, the adventures, the gifts and the beginnings

  • Honour the challenges, the trials, the learnings and the endings

  • Learn the daily practises that can keep you on track

  • Explore new challenges - while honouring self care

  • Notice the magic in the mundane while you set off for the mountaintop

  • Learn how to design your very own rituals to release anything left unfinished and to energise new intentions

  • Get a full recording of the class to watch any time you want a refresher

  • GET A DISCOUNT ON THE FULL FOUR SEASON SERIES - four online classes to recalibrate your compass to step into each season inspired, energised and ready for what lies ahead

    Each class comes with a PDF full of all the exercises, suggestions, ideas and inspiration, for you to keep.

    And at the end of every class, I give you the tools to make your very own ritual to honour the turning of the season with a simple but powerful milestone that will give you a moment of meaning and magic - at the perfect moment.

    And, as you go, you will have me there to guide, support and help you fashion your sparkly path through 2019 - as part of the purchase, whenever you’re ready, you can book a 20 minute one to one session with me at a time that suits you.

Here’s what one participant has to say about the Spring class:

“I reached the end of March feeling completely shattered and wondering why. I also felt as though I’d made no progress with the goals I had set myself for this year. Sitting down and reflecting on the first quarter of the year, with Tiu’s guidance, made me realise just how busy I have been. It helped me to reignite my goals for this year and helped be to regain my focus on what is really important to me. The session also reminded me how much I benefit from taking time to reflect and plan, as it really helps me with managing my stress levels and remaining grounded whilst giving new energy and enthusiasm to what I would like to achieve. Acknowledging that sometimes certain goals no longer serve us and that it’s ok to let go of them was pretty revolutionary for me too - I usual put a lot of pressure on myself to get things done and it was liberating to let go of things that actually weren’t important to me anymore once I’d taken time to reflect on them.

I signed up to the Summer session straight after completing the Spring one, so that I’m committed to pressing pause and re-evaluating my journey again in a few months. I have tried to break my goals down into smaller steps - so what I would like to achieve in the next few months and I’m focusing on this rather than the endpoint, which can seem pretty overwhelming at times.

And finally, thanks Tiu for reminding us to find magic and wonder in our daily lives.
— Dr Rosie Barker, Veterinary Surgeon and Clinical Director

step into the new season

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You can start with the Autumn class right now for just £30 so you can let go of Summer, step into Autumn and experience for yourself just how powerful, playful and fruitful the process can be.

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