FLOW STATES - creativity tools


This course offers you a brand new way to bring your ideas into the world

- and while you’re at it, master the art of finding focus, productivity and creative inspiration.

  • Do you have a creative idea that’s been whispering to you but which hasn’t yet been given the time, space and energy to bring it into the world?

  • Do you find yourself staring at screens, with too much to do, yet no clear, effective and empowering way to make space and time for the projects that really matter to you?

  • How would it be to bring your spirituality, creativity, imagination and playfulness into the work you are here to do?

  • Are you longing to live a life of creativity, purpose and productivity, but find yourself overwhelmed by the stresses of life, work and family, unable to find the focus and inspiration you long for?

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Find your creative flow

This course will give you the practical tools for triggering productive flow states -

and youʼll be able to apply them to an idea and see how they incredibly powerful they can be when you make flow states work for you in the real world.

  • Discover how some of the greatest artists, writers, inventors, entrepreneurs and athletes stay disciplined, inspired and focussed

  • Learn exactly how they do it - and then apply the same principles to your own life, in a way that fits with your schedule, your commitments and that can be tailored to suit your unique gifts

  • Try out tailor made tools and techniques to connect with your inspiration, ignite your sense of purpose, create meaningful work and transform procrastination into productivity

 When we access a flow state, we are utterly absorbed, focused and creatively inspired.

This course will give you the practical tools for triggering productive flow states - and you’ll be able to apply them to an idea and see how they incredibly powerful they can be when you make flow states work for you in the real world.

Join me for this brand new course, and you will receive the most powerful, practical, playful l toolkit I have ever created, distilled from 15 years of experience working with world leading scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, global brands and international organisations, including the UN, the World Economic Foundation and Google.

Come and find out exactly how to bring your brilliance into the world in a brand new way.


how it works

The course consists of:

  • 8 interactive masterclasses

  • a whole host of unique supporting materials

  • ongoing input in the form of ideas & exercises

  • a community of like-minded creators

in other words…

all the tools you need to get creative, focussed and productive

- and bring that idea to life.

  • Each class will take you on a fascinating journey from inspiration to expression.

  • You will also receive a password protected video of every class as well as an accompanying PDF full of all the exercises, reading lists and inspirational ideas to keep you on track as you make your way into wonder.

  • As you go, you’re not traveling alone. As part of the purchase, you will be given access to the closed Facebook group, where you can connect with other like minded people on the same adventure, sharing your progress as you all explore your own unique ways of making magic in the mundane.

  • You will be have access to regular creative prompts to keep you on track and inspire new ways of thinking about your project.

  • The course also includes unique supporting materials, 2 powerful specially recorded guided meditations to connect you with your project and some beautiful printable resources

  • And - if you want to - you can jump into a live Q&A with me to ask anything you like about tackling your creative blocks, accessing your inspiration and finding new resources to help you bring your ideas to life.

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The beauty of this course is that not only will you will create your very own personalised toolbox of tried and tested techniques to find flow states that you can adapt to eliminate procrastination and dissolve creative blocks -

You will be applying these tools and techniques to bring your very own project to life.

Together, we will go through a variety of techniques covering a variety of psychological, environmental, social and physical triggers, that have been proven to help create flow states in all sorts of people, from athletes to artists and entrepreneurs to children at play.

And the best thing is - then we are going to put it all into practise.


So the rubber will really hit the road, with real life action happening while you’re learning.

Not only will you end up with a personalised toolkit to implement any time you need to get focussed and beat procrastination.

You will also have a deep understanding of how you can access your creative inspiration and reinvent your experience of the connection between work and play, which you can utilise in your work and your creativity for ever more.

Best of all, you will even come out the other side having energised, developed and maybe even fully birthed an idea that you have been thinking about for ages.

Because it’s time.

Time to turn your attention to that idea.

To write that business plan.

To work on that novel.

To put on that event.

To create that artwork.

To build that community.

To unearth hidden dreams.

To share your creativity.

To bring your unique offering, whatever it may be, into the world in a brand new way.

And the beauty of this process is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Because once you have mastered the techniques to find flow, you will be able to use the tools for the rest of your life.

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So what exactly is a flow state?

When you are fully in flow, you are:

  • Absorbed

  • Focussed

  • Creative

  • Inspired

  • Productive

  • Present

Or as Mihály Csíkszentmihályi put it in his book Finding Flow:

"An optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best.

Flow is being completely involved in an activity for its own sake.

The ego falls away. Time flies."

Imagine being able to generate flow states at will.

That’s exactly what you are going to master - and make your own.

And then - imagine applying that kind of presence, brilliance and focus to an idea that has been waiting to come into the world until just the right time.

Well, with this toolkit, you can make this the right time. Right now.

Once you know how to create the conditions for flow to happen, you can adapt the tools for all your projects and to begin to cultivate a life where you simply have more moments of being utterly present, unexpectedly inspired and connected to your innate creativity, ultimately transforming work into something that feels more like play. 

what you get

  • 8 weeks of masterclasses of all my best content, distilled from teaching 1000s of people over 15 years

  • Full video recording of each class any time you want a refresher

  • Beautiful printable supporting documents including progress charts, exercises, tips and recommendations

  • An opportunity for a live Q&A with me to work through any issues with YOUR project or idea

  • 2 powerful guided meditations you can use to dissolve creative blocks and access your inspiration

  • A fully customisable toolkit to create your unique triggers to flow states

  • Optional show and tell - share your creations with your peers at the end of the process


  • 8 weeks of creative provocations and prompts to help you stay productive, playful and on purpose

  • A private Facebook group to get support, feedback and to connect with your fellow creators

  • Guidance for creating your own creative cluster for ongoing inspiration and support IRL

  • VERY LIMITED OFFER: Free bestselling audiobook on the cutting edge research into flow states

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part 1 - getting started

class 1: Liftoff

  • Introduction to Flow States

  • Choosing the right idea to explore

  • Committing to inspiration

  • Creating the conditions for creativity (hint: it’s not all work - it’s a whole lot of play…)

class 2: your very own Flow States Toolkit

  • Learn the psychological, emotional, physical and environmental triggers to flow states

  • Create your own ritual to get into the zone whenever you need

  • Meet the spirit of your project - collaborating with the essence of your idea

  • Make a magical map to inspire your progress and keep the momentum moving

part 2 -making work into play

class 3: Creativity 101

  • Simple daily practises to make your project come to life, baby step by baby step

  • Master the art of making work feel like play

  • Tried and tested tools to connect to your creativity

  • Micro adventures into the unknown

class 4: wonder, wander & work on your project

You’ll still receive playful prompts, creative provocations, inspiring ideas and all sorts of other gems - and you will also have a week to try applying what you have learned so far with your project, in your own time and space.

part 3 - making it happen

class 5: Maintaining Momentum

  • Keep on keeping on - how to stay on track through the ups and downs

  • Putting rewards in place for your inner creator

  • Reaching out - checkins and collaborations

  • Creating creative community IRL

  • Finding inspiration in the everyday

class 6: wonder, wander & work on your project

Another week to put everything into practise and take your time to play as well as to produce - with more inspiring ideas coming your way as well as your fellow participants on hand to keep you on track during the week.

part 4 - results and completion

class 7: show & tell/q&A session

For this class, you will be able to write in with any challenges, concerns, questions or queries beforehand - or share live in the class with me and your peers.

  • Getting guidance as you go and help if you need to tackle a particular problem with your project

  • Course-correcting and recalibrating your compass - remaining agile, curious and able to renegotiate commitments

  • Celebrating your failures (as well as any wins) as it’s often when we go awry that the best stuff happens!

  • Option to share your work within the closed group - but only if you want to!

  • Opportunity for 1-2 participants to jump on for a live coaching session on any issues you may be facing

    Note: there is NO requirement to share on camera, just audio is fine - and writing in ahead of the class is fine too!

class 8: completions, creations & celebrations

  • Reflection on how far you’ve come - the learnings, the surprises, the bright new project in your life

  • Celebrate the journey - no matter where you may have ended up

  • Completion ritual - honour the process with a moment of meaning

  • Meet your future self - a powerful process to empower your path

  • Recalibrate your compass to a light on the horizon that inspires and delights you

  • Next steps - finding flow in the rest of your life & work

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