Finding Flow Course 2019

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Finding Flow Course 2019

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When we access a flow state, we are utterly absorbed, focused and creatively inspired.

This course will give you the practical tools for triggering productive flow states - and you’ll be able to apply them to an idea and see how they work for you in the real world.

Here’s how it works.
You will be guided you through 8 weeks of live, interactive classes containing the tools and techniques used by the greatest artists, thinkers and pioneers, all the while applying them in real life to a project of your choosing.

As well as 6+ hours of classes, you will also receive regular creative prompts to keep you on track, unique supporting materials including some powerful specially recorded guided meditations, beautiful printable resources and the option to join a closed Facebook group so you can become part of a community of like-minded creative pioneers to cheer you on and keep you on track.

Together, we will go through a variety of techniques that have been proven to help create flow states in all sorts of people, from athletes to artists and entrepreneurs to children at play.

You will be able to create your very own personalised toolbox of tried and tested psychological, environmental, social and physical triggers, that you can adapt to eliminate procrastination and dissolve creative blocks.

And the best thing is - we are going to put it all into practise. Together. Not only will you end up with a personalised toolkit to implement any time you need to get focussed and beat procrastination, you will also have a deep understanding of how you can balance work and play, and best of all, you might even come out the other side with the realisation of an idea that you have been thinking about for ages.

Because it’s time.

Time to birth that idea.

To write that business plan.

To work on that novel.

To bring your gift into the world in a brand new way.

And the beauty of this process is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Once you know how to create the conditions for flow to happen, you can adapt the tools for all your projects and to begin to cultivate a life where you simply have more moments of being utterly present, unexpectedly inspired and connected to your innate creativity, ultimately transforming work into something that feels more like play. 

  • Do you have a creative idea that’s been whispering to you but which hasn’t yet been given the time, space and energy to bring it into the world?

  • Are you longing to live a life of creativity, purpose and productivity, but find yourself overwhelmed by the stresses of life, work and family?

  • Do you find yourself staring at screens, with too much to do, yet no clear, effective and empowering way to make space and time for the projects that really matter to you?

  • Would you love to have brand new ways to energise your career, ignite your sense of purpose, create meaning in your work and master the art of turning procrastination into productivity?

  • How would it be to bring your spirituality, creativity, imagination and playfulness into the work you are here to do?

I have distilled over 15 years of experience into the very best course I’ve ever offered to give you the most powerful, practical, playful l toolkit I have ever created.

  • 8 weeks of live and interactive trainings - plus lifetime access to all recordings

  • 2 powerful, unique guided meditations to connect you with your inspiration

  • A fully customisable toolkit to create your unique triggers to flow states

  • 8 weeks of creative provocations and prompts to help you stay productive, playful and on purpose

  • A full live Q&A session where your unique issues, questions and challenges can be shared

  • Optional show and tell - share your creations with your peers at the end of the process


  • A private Facebook group to get support, feedback and to connect with your fellow creators

  • Beautiful printable resources to keep you on track with your commitments

  • Guidance for creating your own creative cluster for ongoing inspiration and support IRL

  • VERY LIMITED OFFER: Free bestselling audiobook on the cutting edge research into flow states