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Ever feel the need for moments of meaning, magic, restoration and deep nourishment? 

If so, sign up here because I’m going to be doing the second class of my online course on the evening of Tuesday 17th July and I would truly love you to be a part of it. It will be packed with ideas, tools and a very special guided meditation to help you to step into tricky situations feeling totally protected, calm and surrounded by allies, grounded in being your best and most shining self. 

That and a whole lot more on how to bring ritual to mealtimes, cleansing yourself, energising your space, honouring your rhythms and generally learning all the tools I use so you are able to create your own rituals for wellbeing in order to feel just about as wonderful as you can. 

If you would like to learn about how to create your own rituals for well being, you can sign up to next online class - and sign up to the whole series if you want to while you're there.
Image is reused with great thanks to the incredible @sarashakeel #ritual#wellbeing #deeprest #selflove#nourishyoursoul #thepossibilityofwonder#magicinthemundane #onlinecourse#easeandgrace