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After starting out in the music business, Tiu de Haan has forged her own unique path. From starting a non-profit to connect children and their parents to playing in nature, she now creates rituals to help people connect to themselves and each other (her TEDx talk explains more about this). We met on her beautifully white boat in London to hear about her post-heroic journey.

A post-heroic journey begins with responding to a call. Did you ever hear “the call”?

"I’ve had three major lives – the singer songwriter popstar wannabe life, the setting up a not-for-profit that connected families through play in nature life, and now I teach creative thinking and ways into wonder, and design secular rituals. What is common with all of them is the call to be fully alive, fully creative and engaging in a life which has less structure and more freedom. I feel like I have created a life where my first priority it to attune to that call. "

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