My altar this morning.

That’s my great grandfather Willem de Haan looking back at you from the right hand corner, accompanied by pictures of me with my parents, a Thai spirit house, a painting by an artist friend and various other objects I have collected over the years.

Each candle is lit with a different intention, one simply welcoming in magical conversations today, another for my ancestors and yet others for a variety of ideas, from projects in need of energy and support to wishing my future partner well, wherever he may be.

I do this every day, along with writing my morning pages and drinking a very strong coffee. And it works for me. Helps me centre, clear out the cobwebs and align myself with the point on the horizon calling me forward, step by step.

It’s my morning ritual and I get a lot from it, every single day. It’s like checking my inner compass, giving it a polish, checking the wind direction and letting all the fog of last night’s dreams be lifted from my gaze.

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