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Ever feel the need for moments of meaning, magic, restoration and deep nourishment? 

If so, sign up here because I’m going to be doing the second class of my online course on the evening of Tuesday 17th July and I would truly love you to be a part of it. It will be packed with ideas, tools and a very special guided meditation to help you to step into tricky situations feeling totally protected, calm and surrounded by allies, grounded in being your best and most shining self. 

That and a whole lot more on how to bring ritual to mealtimes, cleansing yourself, energising your space, honouring your rhythms and generally learning all the tools I use so you are able to create your own rituals for wellbeing in order to feel just about as wonderful as you can. 

If you would like to learn about how to create your own rituals for well being, you can sign up to next online class - and sign up to the whole series if you want to while you're there.
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want to walk into wonder?

want to walk into wonder?


Once a year, I run a workshop for anyone who would like to learn how to find invisible portals into other worlds. It's my favourite bit of kit, of all the many exercises I've been sharing over the years, and I cannot tell you how magical it is. If you're in London and free Saturday afternoon, come and play. You can buy your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/wonder-walk-tickets-46076868153

Psychologies Facebook Live - How to live a meaningful life one moment at a time

I'm INCREDIBLY excited to announce that I've been invited by Psychologies to share a monthly Facebook live on their page (which has 1.4 million subscribers!) with an idea for a ritual or a way into wonder to go with the theme of the magazine. This month it's all about living a meaningful life - one moment at a time. I hope you enjoy it!

Morning Altar


My altar this morning.

That’s my great grandfather Willem de Haan looking back at you from the right hand corner, accompanied by pictures of me with my parents, a Thai spirit house, a painting by an artist friend and various other objects I have collected over the years.

Each candle is lit with a different intention, one simply welcoming in magical conversations today, another for my ancestors and yet others for a variety of ideas, from projects in need of energy and support to wishing my future partner well, wherever he may be.

I do this every day, along with writing my morning pages and drinking a very strong coffee. And it works for me. Helps me centre, clear out the cobwebs and align myself with the point on the horizon calling me forward, step by step.

It’s my morning ritual and I get a lot from it, every single day. It’s like checking my inner compass, giving it a polish, checking the wind direction and letting all the fog of last night’s dreams be lifted from my gaze.

If you want to learn more about creating your own rituals for empowerment and wellbeing, do sign up for the online course starting in June, come to my event with NOW Live Events and Psychologies Magazine on May 16th in London, or, best of all, come to me for a one to one session and we will embark on your very own bespoke creative adventure into the creation of more moments of magic and meaning to fill the rest of your days (and nights) with memories that feed your heart and nourish your soul.

Facebook Live with Psychologies Magazine

Facebook Live with Psychologies Magazine

I just did a Facebook live all about ritual with Psychologies Magazine and NOW Live Events and you can watch it here ... 

So if you feel like joining me on my boat in the golden evening light for a half hour chat about moments of meaning, creating rituals and honouring that which is universal to us all, have a look and feel free to share!

Creativity Exercise - Take Yourself on a Mini Adventure

Creativity Exercise - Take Yourself on a Mini Adventure

What is creativity and why is it important? It's how we spark our best ideas, turn work into play and stay present, playful and curious. In this video, learn how to transform your next walk into a bite sized blast of inspiration and find all the ideas you need - right outside your front door.

My post-heroic journey

My post-heroic journey

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After starting out in the music business, Tiu de Haan has forged her own unique path. From starting a non-profit to connect children and their parents to playing in nature, she now creates rituals to help people connect to themselves and each other (her TEDx talk explains more about this). We met on her beautifully white boat in London to hear about her post-heroic journey.

A post-heroic journey begins with responding to a call. Did you ever hear “the call”?

"I’ve had three major lives – the singer songwriter popstar wannabe life, the setting up a not-for-profit that connected families through play in nature life, and now I teach creative thinking and ways into wonder, and design secular rituals. What is common with all of them is the call to be fully alive, fully creative and engaging in a life which has less structure and more freedom. I feel like I have created a life where my first priority it to attune to that call. "

To read the rest of the article you can read it here.