We all experience beginnings and endings

The problem is we rarely know how to respect these thresholds and to transform them into empowering moments.

This is where a bespoke ceremony, designed in collaboration, can help you to bring fresh energy to a new start or to create a satisfying goodbye to a chapter that warrants a ritual to honour its completion.
Whether it is to do with our home, our health, our relationships or our work, rituals bring meaning
to our every day reality as well as the big transitions of love, birth and death.  

Get in touch to explore how to create a meaningful, memorable and magical moment to
celebrate crossing over a threshold in your life.


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Mother Blessings or Blessingways
The creative alternative to a baby shower – it’s not about the tangible gifts, it’s all about love, solidarity and sisterly support for the mother-to-be

Baby Naming
Start your baby’s life with a celebration of all the love that surrounds their present and their future

Welcoming the New Life
Gather your closest community to welcome the newborn and begin your family life with practical, emotional and loving support

Home Blessings
Make your new home feel fresh, sparkly and ready for a happy life

Tiu de Haan_celebrant_endings

...and endings

Divorce and Break ups
Closure, completion and cutting the cords that no longer serve you

Good Grief
Honouring the anniversary of a death, mourning a miscarriage, letting go with love

Leaving Home
Moving out, moving on, clearing out the old and making way for the new

Embracing Eldership
Celebrating your rightful place as a respected elder, drawing on your wisdom, reflecting on all that you have been and done – and all that is yet to come




Cara’s Godfathering Ceremony

When a young father died suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving behind his partner and their 2 year old son, the mother asked me to help her create a Father’s Day ceremony to welcome 7 godfathers into her son’s life.

We co-created a playful but nonetheless emotional ceremony, to celebrate the positive male role models in her son’s life and to invite them to be there for him as he grows up.

“I asked Tiu if she would be the celebrant for my son’s godfathering ceremony shortly after his father died. She listened carefully to all my half-formed ideas and with a very gentle ear – and helped to bring them into reality, enhancing them with her own magical touches. Everyone who attended was surprised and moved at what a sensitive, memorable and fun event it was. And my son loved it most of all, which was a beautiful thing at a challenging time in our lives.”